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With extensive experience in Criminal Defense, Business Litigation, and Real Estate Law- CK Law Group PLLC provides legal counsel and services throughout the states of Michigan, Colorado, DC and other areas of the United States.

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Bribery, Ponzi Schemes, Insider Trading



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Medical Marihuana Act


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Many satisfied clients and successful cases:

  • James

    After getting into trouble with the law, I knew I needed an attorney. At the time of my release, I thought a state appointed attorney would suffice. Luckily, my family changed my mind and referred me to Chris Kokkinakos. After first meeting Mr. Kokkinakos, I was confident that my case would end in my satisfaction and justice served. Mr. Kokkinakos is an exceptional lawyer. He spent a lot of time discussing the case to my family and I, as well as assuring us that I would be okay. Mr. Kokkinakos treated my family and I as a friend. Mr. Kokkinakos was always available to answer any of my many concerns. We had discussed many facets about the case and court procedure in person as well as over the phone.

    Constantly worried, I thought my reputation as a citizen was tarnished. I did not think there was a way to redeem myself to society. I now know my worries were not necessary. Chris Kokkinakos worked with my case so that my public reputation was restored with the small cost of probation. I was elated Mr. Kokkinakos was able help me keep my future.

    My family and I would definitely recommend Mr. Kokkinakos to anyone who seeks fair representation in court. He is great at his job, and he will do all he can to achieve ones reasonable goals for their case. His fee and payment plan is exceptional for his quality of work. If you, or someone you know needs an attorney, hire Chris Kokkinakos. You will not be disappointed.
  • Chad

    Chris has been a family friend for many years now. I recently got in trouble in a small town for things that I did not know I was doing wrong and for things I knew I was doing wrong. the state appointed me a lawyer.

    The lawyer was very hard contact I had to persuade him to give me a call. The lawyer was really nice. He did help, but he did not go that extra mile. When I needed help I gave Chris a call. I was not even for sure if he was going to be able to take the case. When Chris was able to take my case I was excited because I knew he was going to help me.

    Its really hard to put in words how Chris makes you feel and such a bad situation. We met right away discuss the case and he really got to know me even know that he knew me. I mean he just he really put all the pieces together and got to know who I am. The outcome of the case was fantastic , to be honest it was like it never happened. The bank account is a little low, well a lot low, but I can live with that.
  • Robin

    Mr. Kokkinakos is an incredible attorney. Not only was I comfortable and confident with his knowledge of the law, but he has a very calming way about him. He listened to me and answered all my questions and concerns. He explained everything clearly and straight forward. He treated me like a friend, not a client and I truly believe he kept my best interest first. I am very lucky to have had him in my corner.
  • D.H.

    From the minute I met Mr. Kokkinakos, I knew I was in good hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs excellent services, great correspondence and a fair and honest attorney. He is very forthcoming with his clients and does everything he can to help you and make you feel like you count, and not just like another client. I feel he was very reasonably priced and caring to my needs. Anyone who hires him is in good hands. He was very helpful and never too busy to answer my questions. Thanks!
  • S.C.

    Chris Kokkinakos recently took on two difficult criminal cases for my husband. Due to his expert legal handling of the cases, we received the best possible outcome for both situations. He was very easy to communicate with and promptly answered any questions that we had. Mr. Kokkinakos was also very fair and reasonable regarding his fees and was very flexible regarding payment options. By hiring Mr. Kokkinakos, we were able to make the best of a very difficult situation.
  • Jason O. Mahar

    Chris Kokkinakos has represented me several times. He displays great character, exceptional knowledge, and carries out cases to satisfactory result. He knows his way around the legal system, does his research, and does not balk at any difficulty he must face. He is comfortable in court, comes well-prepared, and is well-spoken, exceedingly professional, friendly, and always returns phone calls and emails in a timely fashion. If ever need again presents itself, I would gladly seek his representation with full knowledge that he is not only up for the task, but he is The Man for the task.
  • D.B.G.

    A close friend recommended Chris, and at this point? Years down the road, he was still punctual and professional and without any hesitation when I needed him. To say that he is professional, thorough, experienced, and a winner is an understatement. If you are in any kind of legal trouble at all, call Chris Kokkinakos. I know there are other attorneys out there but Chris will treat you like a human- He will make time for you. I've seen him do things in court that I didn't know where possible. Chris is on his own level when it comes to the law, he has an eye for the truth in every situation, and is an absolute Alpha in the courtroom. I could not have asked for better representation, I could not ask for a better friend. Someone who has time for you, understands family, and by my own description a bit of a miracle worker when it comes to matters of the law.

Successful Criminal Defense Cases

State Cases


Charges: Driving under the influence of drugs

(DUID) Possession of marijuana Result: All charges dismissed


Charges: Fleeing and eluding

Possession of a controlled substance Felony firearm Result: 6 days in jail


Charges: Operating under the influence

Felony drunk driving (third) Result: Reduced to OUIL 2d, no jail time


Charges: Felony drunk driving

Driving while license suspended, 3rd Result: No jail time, 360 hour community service, probation


Charges: Possession of heroin, 4 year felony

DUID Result: Possession of heroin dismissed Plead to impair driving No jail time


Charges: Driving under the influence

Result: Case dismiss on the day of trial


Charges: Manufacturing marijuana

Result: Charges not filed


Charges: Domestic Violence

Result: Dismissed on day of trial by jury


Charges: CSI Criminal sexual conduct

Co-counsel with the late Thomas A. Howard Result: Not guilty, trial by jury


Charges: Aggravated assault Assault and battery

Result: Not guilty, trial by jury


Charges: Domestic assault, 1st degree

Result: Dismissed day of trial by jury

Successful Criminal Defense Cases

Federal Cases


Charges: $100,000,000.00 Ponzi Scheme

Court: United States District Court, Eastern District, Detroit Facts: Represented 5 defendants Results: Case dismissed against all clients we represented

Anonymous Client United States, District Court Detroit

Charges: Food Stamp Trafficking, WIC Fraud, Mail Fraud

Results: Case dismissed

Operation Mountain Express II United States District Court Detroit

Charges: Illegal trafficking of pseudoephedrine (potential life in prison)

Sentence: 80 months prison Result: Post-trial motion reduced sentence to 40 months prison

Donovan Wells United States District Court Detroit

Charges: Transport of 6,600 pounds of marijuana Potential life in prison

Sentence: Plea, 120 months prison Result: Post-trial motion reduced sentence to 36 months

If you are facing criminal charges, look no further and give CK Law Group a call today. We would like to earn your business, win your case, and add your story to our list of testimonials.


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